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BTS Piano Sheet Music (Package)

BTS Piano Sheet Music (Package)

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1. Dynamite - Piano Sheet Music (1ea)
2. Life Goes On - Piano Sheet Music (1ea)
3. Butter - Piano Sheet Music (1ea)
4. Permission to Dance - Piano Sheet Music (1ea)
+ Sheet Music Mini Art Poster (4ea)



Publisher's review
“A message of hope for the world”, 〈Dynamite〉

This is a disco-pop genre song that adds a pleasant and dynamic performance to an addictive and exciting rhythm.
The lyrics talk about the preciousness of life and the specialness of life through the little moments of everyday life,
and contain BTS's wish to spread a message of vitality and hope in a difficult time due to COVID-19.

* 〈Dynamite〉 Performance Point
① Pay attention to the rhythm of the chorus.
② Play while paying close attention to the treble and bass clefs of your left hand.
③ When the keynote is changed, it is played with a smooth connection.

'Consolation to everyone living in the 'COVID-19 era'", 〈Life Goes On〉 This

is an Alternative Hip Hop genre song featuring an emotional acoustic guitar sound. It is a song that conveys the message of consolation that "Life goes on, even though you are faced with an unwanted situation where you have no choice but to stop while running hard". The sincere lyrics that anyone can relate to and the heavy resonance of BTS add to their sincerity.

* 〈Life Goes On〉 Performance Point
① Pay attention to the rhythm of your right hand.
② In the rap part, play the rhythm of the left and right hands well.

“A cheerful summer song that gets more exciting the more you listen to it”, “Butter” An

addictive dance-pop genre, “Butter” is a song with a catchy bass line and refreshing synth sound from the beginning.
The lyrics with a clever and cute confession that melts softly like butter and captivates you are also attractive.

* 〈Butter〉 Points to play
① Keep the beat of the left hand constant and pay attention to the rhythm of the right hand.

“A message to everyone who has had a hard day”, 〈Permission to Dance〉

The dance pop-based 〈Permission to Dance〉 is fascinated by the refreshing piano performance and the fluidity of the string sound, and the more you listen to it, the more you shake your shoulders. It's a feel-good song.
World-famous musician Ed Sheeran and British producer Steve Mac participated in the song's work.

* 〈Permission to Dance〉 Performance Point
① Be aware that the left hand rhythm pattern changes.
② Play the staccato part well

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