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Color Photo Studio From the late Joseon Dynast to the 1970s

Color Photo Studio From the late Joseon Dynast to the 1970s

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Color Photo Studio  

There is an interesting channel on YouTube that shows the process of restoring black and white photos to color. ‘King of Restoration’ is the main character. The author of this book, Restoration King, began color restoration of black-and-white photos out of curiosity, 'What would it be like to restore old, faded photos to the colors that people would have seen at the time?' From the late Joseon Dynasty, the Korean Empire, and the Japanese colonial period when photography technology began to be introduced, to the 1970s when color photography began to appear, rare photos are filled with vivid colors one by one, as if they were embroidered one by one. When we watch a video of an old black-and-white photo taken a hundred years ago being transformed into a color photo, data photos that we would have seen in a history book come right before us, as if we were watching a drama.
In the newly created 'color' photos, we can clearly see our diverse history and culture, including objects, buildings, means of transportation, clothing, and occupations that are difficult to find today. It contains a lot of human-like stories that cannot be felt in black-and-white photos stuffed with time frozen. So, this book is an interesting 'photo book' that returns black and white photos to the colors of reality, and at the same time, it is also a 'history book' for unknown people like us who did not appear in history books.
Through this photo book, readers will be able to exercise their historical imagination by thinking, 'People at that time must have lived surrounded by these colors.'


Size : 177*228mm
Weight : 1116g
Pages : 320

[Table of Content]


Part 1
~ 1909
They also lived in a world of vivid colors like us

- Willard Straight Collection
- Stereographs
- Herman Sander's photo album
- The first photo of volunteer soldiers
- Emperor Sunjong's northwest tour photo album
- Joseon Imperial Family

Part 2
~ 1945
Color of reality The 'then' revived is connected to the 'now'

- Seoul during the Japanese colonial period
- Suwon during the Japanese colonial period
- Collection of missionary Sydney Gamble
- Photographs of Donald Kingery O'Brien
- Heroes, restored in color
- Tank
- Gisaeng

Part 3
Korean War
Name Thanks to you, heroes who never existed, we are here now

- Incheon Landing Operation
- Battle of Chosin Reservoir
- Evacuation of Heungnam
- January 4th Retreat

Part 4
~ 1969
I hope you can feel the atmosphere of the times rather than reminiscing about the past

- Seoul being renovated here and there
- New and shiny
- Sewage truck
- People are still there -
White Horse Unit Farewell Ceremony on August 29, 1966 - Busan Part 5
after liberation 1970~ A drama created by gathering moments from the past while imagining the future - Was it true then and is it different now? -If only I had known in advance [Q&A] Things I wanted to know about color restoration Reference material Photo source

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