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DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program 4 Ampoule Set

DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program 4 Ampoule Set

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Product Details

1. Double functionality of Brightening and wrinkle care
2. Lift immediately after applying and immediately improve wrinkles.
3. Cumulatively improving wrinkles in re-use
4. Completion of Human test
(Check for immediate and continuous improvement of seven items: Eye end lifting, mouth corner lifting, face sagging, next-to-nose wrinkle, neck wrinkles, moisture and dead skin)
5. DIY-enabled products that users complete at the time of use apply the freshest product to the skin
6. Rich nutrient essence such as ginseng extract, spirulina extract, hyaluronic acid, etc.  7. ampoules for fine lines and wrinkles, ampoules for mature skin with sagging


[How to use]

- Depending on the skin condition of the user, or for first-time users, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week
- Once a week at least.

1.Check the sound of the plastic ball in the lid.
2. Press the button and make out the melting thread.
3. Shake the bottle more than 10 seconds strongly and mix the essence.
4. Wait for 5~10 minutes for the melting thread.
5. Take the sufficiently melted liquid and evenly spread it on the face and neck
6. Take sleep and wash face with only water when you get up.



1. Remove the protective vinyl at the time of use.
2. Shake for at least 10 to 20 seconds even after the plastic ball has come out.
3. If not used after melting, use within 1 week after refrigerating.

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