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Janssen Brightening Night Care 50ml 1.69oz

Janssen Brightening Night Care 50ml 1.69oz

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Smooth and radiant skin: Experience the transformative power of this cream, which leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and looking beautifully radiant.

Brightening action: Its potent active ingredients effectively penetrate the skin, providing a brightening effect that helps even out your complexion and reveal a luminous glow.

Nourishment and hydration: Enriched with essential nutrients, the cream deeply nourishes the skin, while its moisture-boosting properties ensure optimal hydration levels for a plump and healthy appearance.

Activates natural repair system: With its innovative formula, the cream activates the skin's inherent repair processes, aiding in skin regeneration and supporting its overall health.

Nighttime revitalization: As you sleep, the cream works tirelessly to revitalize your skin, awakening to a rejuvenated and refreshed complexion every morning.

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